We want to leave future generations our wildlife in a thriving condition. That is why we strive towards maintaining and encouraging a sustainable relationship with the bush. We focus on the protection of nature at all stages of design, construction and operation of our Adventures. We believe it is not only possible to enjoy the wilderness without causing harm, but in fact we can encourage the regeneration of native fauna and flora.

  • We operate a weed management and bush regeneration program at each park.
  • We have installed nesting boxes for the local fauna.
  • We have installed interpretive signage at all our locations to encourage a better understanding and knowledge of the forest, therefore enhancing its protection.
  • All our structures are designed to allow trees to grow free of restriction. We do NOT drill through our trees to build platforms or challenges.
  • Courses and pathways are only built in areas with a low incidence of native shrubs and groundcovers.
  • The quality and colours of materials are chosen meticulously to integrate into the natural surrounds.
  • The on-going health of our trees is regularly monitored by an independent arborist.
  • At TreeTops we are big on recycling and all waste is removed from the forest. We reuse materials wherever possible. Our Central Coast and Newcastle parks don’t have running water, further helping us maintain a light footprint on our environment.
  • We are proud to say our head office is powered by solar panels and all site offices use renewable energy sources for power.
  • Best of all, every fun activity we offer is a human-powered adventure. It is your body weight and muscles as opposed to polluting fossil fuels that keep us in business.

What is eco tourism

"EcoTourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation".

TreeTops are honoured to have attained Advanced Ecotourism certification. Our ongoing efforts to create and operate the most sustainable adventures in the bush for you to enjoy are recognised in this certification program.

The Eco Certification program acknowledges products supported with a commitment to high quality and sustainable tourism experiences that have true conservation benefits. EcoTourism.org.au

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) are an independent body that establishes and manages global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism with the aim of increasing sustainable tourism knowledge and practices. gstcouncil.org/en/

Now that you know what to look for, why stop at TreeTops? If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, next time you're planning a getaway or holiday, seek out the globally recognised EcoTourism logo. It assists travelers to choose authentic tours, attractions, cruises or accommodations that are environmentally socially and economically friendly. You get to have an amazing day out and save the planet!

Climate Change Action Initiatives

Climate change is already impacting us in the form of hotter temperatures, extreme weather events, an increase in the occurrence of high bushfire danger weather, and increasing pressure on the production of broad acre crops, vegetables and fruit.

  • what can you do to address climate change
  • Use renewable energy sources to power your home.

    Use renewable energy sources to power your home

    Australia is the sunniest country in the world and one of the windiest. Tap into these clean resources.

  • Live smarter and reduce waste.

    Live smarter and reduce waste

    Apply the practice of reduce, reuse, recycle to your daily life. Although plastic bottles are recyclable, many end up in landfill where they take around 1000 years to break down, Yikes!

  • Travel smarter

    Travel smarter

    Walk or ride your bike instead of driving. If you have to drive, try and car pool. In urban areas the use of footpaths, bike tracks and public transportation could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by 20-50% in 2050.

  • Live smarter

    Live smarter

    Don’t trash food, start composting your scraps or perhaps look into having your own chickens. Approximately 1/3 of food produced for humans is wasted. This has a carbon footprint of approximately 3.3 billion tons of CO2 per year.

  • Urge our policy makers to take positive action on climate.

    Encourage our policy makers to take positive action on climate

    Australia is one of the 20 countries that contribute 75% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. These countries will shape the global response to climate change.

The changes that each of us make today can help to protect our incredible planet now and for the future!

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Park Closure

Western Sydney Parklands Plough & Harrow is closed for maintenance on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th May.

During this time TreeTops Western Sydney will be closed to visitors. The park will reopen on Thursday 11th May.

Fantastic News!!

TreeTops Sydney - The Hills is open!

All children’s courses (3-9 yo) are open. The green, blue and red courses are open for juniors (10-17yo) and adults (18+).