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Zipcoasters are the fun-filled love child of a rollercoaster and a zipline. At TreeTops we have the worlds longest (Central Coast) and fastest (Western Sydney) rollercoaster zip lines. Ramp up the ‘wow’ factor as you swoop, twist, turn and zig zag through the trees. This is an extraordinary way to experience the Australian Bush.

Combining the thrill and suspense of a rollercoaster with the flying sensations of zip lines, Zipcoasters are exhilarating experiences accessible for a wide range of ages and abilities. The Zipcoasters use our very own award winning, patented invention called the EcoZip®

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Western sydney - XPRESS

  • Fastest rollercoaster zip line in the world!
  • Spend 1 hr zipping around on the Xpress! As many rides as you can fit in 1 hr session! 
  • 500m long zip line which features two adrenalin pumping 360-degree loops, a stomach-churning drop and many twists and turns.
  • Participants MUST weigh between 25kg – 120kg*.

*Includes harnessing and briefing time.

*We may weigh you for your own safety.

Central coast - XPRESS & XTREME

  • Spend 1hr zipping around on the Xpress! As many rides as you can fit in 1 hr session!  Our Xpress track is a 330m long rollercoaster zipline including a 360 degree loop!
  • Option to upgrade to get a single ride on the 1km Xtreme Coaster! 
  • Our Xtreme track is the longest rollercoaster zipline in the world! This 1km long zipline, features an adrenaline pumping four 360 degree loops, one 540 degree loop and two freefall drops.
  • Participants MUST weigh between 40kg – 120kg* and be 10 yrs old+.

*We may weigh you for your own safety.

What you need to know before arriving

There are no special skills or prior knowledge required, just bring along a sense of adventure and we will provide all the training and safety equipment you need to have a thrilling ride. Zipcoasters are wheelchair accessible (Central Coast only). See below for more information.

Make sure you pack water, wear comfortable clothes, fully enclosed shoes, tie back long hair, remove jewellery, apply sunscreen and insect repellent.

Participants must wear fully enclosed shoes (sporting shoes are recommended); no exposed skin from the ankle down (skin must be covered by shoes not socks). For example, participants will not be allowed to undertake the Activities in sandals, Mary-Jane’s, thongs, ballet flats, slip-off, toed shoes etc...

Please check our booking Terms and Conditions for age, height and weight restrictions. Adults supervision from the ground is required for participants aged 8-12 yrs old (if not participating, supervising adults do not need a ticket or pay any fees).

We are open in all weather conditions (except lightning and extreme high winds). It is highly recommended that you make a booking to avoid disappointment.

Please arrive ready to start your ride at the booked time and make sure you have completed your waiver form, gone to the toilet and have nothing in your pockets. During school holidays, public holidays and weekends more time may be required as all parks get particularly busy. For safety reasons you can’t carry anything with you on the ride and there are no lockers on site, so keep all your valuables at home and leave your keys at the TreeTops office. When you are on the ride absolutely nothing is allowed in your pockets or hands, this includes jewellery, phones, wallets, keys and cameras. You are allowed a GoPro that is correctly mounted. See below for more information.

See below for Zipcoaster  requirements.

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Updated as of 8:00am, 19/07/21.

The following parks will be closed until Friday 30th of July 2021:
• The Hills
• Central Coast
• Western Sydney
• Grose River

The parks that will remain open:
• Newcastle
• Coffs Harbour
• Nowra

If you have a booking, please keep an eye out on your inbox! Please stay safe and we'll get through this together!

Fantastic News!!

TreeTops Sydney - The Hills is open!

All children’s courses (3-9 yo) are open. The green, blue and red courses are open for juniors (10-17yo) and adults (18+).