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 TreeTops Corporate Packages 

   By Michelle Baker, Marketing Co-Ordinator TreeTops, June, 2018

TreeTops is the perfect team building option with many different activities available for your team. We can tailor an event that suits your needs whether it is to improve communication or trust within the group, to strengthen morale, resolve conflicts, and generate friendships or to simply have a fun time away from the office.

TreeTop Adventure Park (TTAP) ALL PARKS
Set within the beautiful forest TreeTop Adventure Park offers an amazingand unforgettable team building experience. The activities are great for your fitness, exciting to try and gentle on the environment. This experience introduces people from all walks of life and abilities to explore the forest from a different perspective.
Challenges involve: Discovering personal limits & attempting to overcome them; Helping each other; Improving cohesion within each team; Understanding & respecting limits of others; Working together in a totally new situation; Managing stress in yourself and others; Succeeding in new challenges & supporting the team. An exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors. The perfect team building experience!

The TreeTop Crazy Rider gets the team outdoors and into the bush to have loads of fun together and be thrilled by the world’s longest rollercoaster zip line! The one kilometre long Crazy Rider Xtreme is an exhilarating rush for those who dare as it darts through the forest six storeys above ground with 40 corners including four 360 degree turns. The Pioneer is a softer, 330m long adventure filled with twists and dips and loads of fun.

TreeTop Vertical Challenges (TTVC) CENTRAL COAST ONLY
Race your colleagues side by side! Check out our fun zig zag ladder, challenging climbing walls, polka dots and much more. Appreciate the smooth ride back down to the ground thanks to automatic belay devices.

TreeHut Meeting Space - Max 30 CENTRAL COAST ONLY
Try something different with an ‘unplugged’ meeting in the TreeHut! The TreeHut has no electricity, which means no computer distractions or death by PowerPoint! We can supply whiteboards for capturing those out-of-the-box inspirations that flow from taking a team outside their usual working environment.

TreeTop Function Spaces - Max 30 SYDNEY - THE HILLS ONLY
Big and little monkeys alike go nuts for The Monkey Room indoor function space! Have great piece of mind knowing your celebration is wet weather-proof inside. Release your inner jungle power in The Jungle outdoor function space. Have loads of fun in the fresh air underneath a shade sail.

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With the health concerns around COVID-19, we have introduced added hygiene and physical distancing practices to help ensure the safety of all our adventurers.

Fantastic News!!

TreeTops Sydney - The Hills is open!

All children’s courses (3-9 yo) are open. The green, blue and red courses are open for juniors (10-17yo) and adults (18+).