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New research out of the UK has shown families are spending more time at home together, however the quantity in no way equates to quality, with a new term ‘alone-together’ being used to describe the modern-age phenomenon. Whilst physically together for longer in the house, families are being consumed by what’s happening on their screens and spending less time communicating and connecting with each other.

The report showed that children and parents used mobile devices for:

The benefits of family time are pretty evident, strong family bonds are essential for the social and emotional development of children, and for both adults and children’s wellbeing. But especially as kids grow, and with everyone being more consumed by technology, it feels harder and harder to fit in important family time. Shared meals can help you bond (even if they don't end up happening at dinner time) but so can physical activity and play.

Sharing active play with your family isn't just a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories, it's also a great way to build family bonds. When you play soccer, toss a Frisbee, or climb through the tree tops together, you're creating memories your child will later treasure —memories of times you spent laughing and simply enjoying each other's company. Not only will you create memories, you are also forming a deeper emotional bond and allowing your children to learn and build important social skills for their future.

Play is a magical time for kids and parents, it's a time when parents aren't thinking about other responsibilities and can instead spend one-on-one time with their child, in the moment. “Kids love to see Mum and Dad get silly”, says TreeTops Managing Director, Sandrine Gaymard. “We just love watching kids and their parents interact out at TreeTops, you can physically see the child looking differently at their parents, as if to say ‘wow, my parents are fun!’. A lot of us get so caught up in the day to day, we forget to show our kids that we know how to have fun, after all we’re all just big kids at heart," says Sandrine.

Families who visit TreeTops also have the added advantage of the benefits that nature brings. Fresh air, physical activity and family time seem to be a winning combination for bonding, fun and removing stress.  

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Updated as of 8:00am, 19/07/21.

The following parks will be closed until Friday 30th of July 2021:
• The Hills
• Central Coast
• Western Sydney
• Grose River

The parks that will remain open:
• Newcastle
• Coffs Harbour
• Nowra

If you have a booking, please keep an eye out on your inbox! Please stay safe and we'll get through this together!

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TreeTops Sydney - The Hills is open!

All children’s courses (3-9 yo) are open. The green, blue and red courses are open for juniors (10-17yo) and adults (18+).